For the second straight week, the battle for box-office supremacy came down to the horror film A Quiet Place and the monster movie Rampage. Last weekend, Rampage came out on top; seven days, later, the monster’s shoe is on the other goo-drenched paw. Now A Quiet Place is on top, and Rampage sits in second place. Here’s the full box office chart:

FilmWeekendPer ScreenTotal
1A Quiet Place$22,000,000 (-33%)$5,777$132,258,711
2Rampage$21,000,000 (-41%)$5,103$66,600,066
3I Feel Pretty$16,220,000$4,715$16,220,000
4Super Troopers 2$14,700,000$7,213$14,700,000
5Truth or Dare$7,910,000 (-57%)$2,578$30,387,415
6Ready Player One$7,500,000 (-34%)$2,338$126,181,326
7Blockers$6,985,000 (-35%)$2,229$48,254,045
8Black Panther$4,642,000 (-19%)$2,405$681,084,109
10Isle of Dogs$3,400,000 (-37%)$1,746$24,260,538

With $132.3 million in domestic grosses so far, A Quiet Place is now the second-biggest movie of 2018 behind only the behemoth that is Black Panther. John Krasinski’s horror film had a killer premise (monsters that are drawn to noise require a family with young children to be absolutely quiet) and strong word of mouth, as it dropped just 33 percent from last weekend and earned an additional $22 million. Dwayne Johnson’s Rampage, based on the old arcade video game, dipped 41 percent and grossed $21 million. This little war for the top spot on the chart ends here, though, as a little indie called Avengers: Infinity War opens on Friday.

The biggest new movie of the weekend was I Feel Pretty, the Amy Schumer comedy about a woman who believes she has transformed into a supermodel and gains newfound confidence. The movie debuted with a $16.2 million opening weekend, against a reported budget of $32 million. Reviews for the film were mixed, and it received an okay “B+” CinemaScore. We’ll see how that translates next weekend when it goes up against noted arthouse film Avengers: Infinity War. In fourth place was Super Troopers 2, the Kickstartered sequel to the cult comedy about a bunch of highway patrolmen. Fortuitously released on 420, the movie grossed an estimated $14.7 million. That’s more than double what the first movie opened to back in 2002. Fifth place went to another horror film, Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare. After 10 days in release, it’s made over $30 million against a budget of $3 million. When your movies have that kind of profit margin, you get to keep making more of them.

The best per-screen average of the weekend belonged to yet another horror movie: Ghost Stories starring Martin Freeman. Playing on one screen around the country (as well as on VOD), the anthology movie earned $12,563. The highest PSA in the top ten for the weekend belonged to Super Troopers 2, with $7,213 on about 2,000 screens. It’s always good to release a movie stoners like on 420.

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