Technology is wonderful, especially around the holidays. We can email or text our loved ones, or Skype for an instantaneous conversation and response. But in my opinion, there is something to be said for maintaining the tradition of the good, old-fashioned physical Christmas card.

The stores still sell them, although during a recent trip to a local drug store, I was sadly unable to find even ONE that actually said "Merry Christmas". It's all "Happy Holidays" this or "Season's Greetings" that. The debate over the politically correct lingo is one for another blog, but why is this tradition on the decline?

The aforementioned ease of technology is one reason, but according to an article in The Federalist, cost might be another. They say to send 100 Christmas cards, it will set you back about $47. Seems like a small price to pay, especially since I don't even know one hundred people I'd want to send a card to.

Time is another issue. Life is so busy. Gone are the days of setting aside a few hours of our time for writing and addressing Christmas cards, especially when a click or two can now do the job. It's impersonal, but that's what we've come to.

I miss traditional Christmas cards and still try to send a few out each year, mostly to my sisters. But I admit, I too have become a slave to technology.

What are your thoughts on traditional Christmas cards? Do you still send them and do you like receiving them? Why or why not? Share your thoughts in the comments.