During the COVID-19 pandemic many Iowans are working from home, or at least were at one point during the spring/summer months. The website Overheard On Conference Calls polled Americans in every state to see what we like most and least about working from home. The results for Iowans?

What Iowans like most: Working in a space that’s your own. In other words, it's pure freedom to be able to eat at your desk, wear what you want (Zoom calls aside, of course) and be wherever in your house you choose to make your work space. I'm sure the ability to sit on a deck, patio or balcony on a nice day doesn't go unappreciated either.

What Iowans like the least: Feeling isolated. Makes sense, right? You're likely all alone or, stuck with your kids. The same couple people, no work conversations. Plus, in the midst of a pandemic, isn't it nice to see and interact with someone in person? I can see how one would miss that.

In the same study, nearly 80% of Americans said they feel very productive working from home. Have you been working from home? Is better or worse to be working away from others? Let us know - tap the 'MESSAGE' button on the app to comment.

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