There are some pretty extravagant houses out there (we've all seen MTV's Cribs back in the day). We expect these insanely expensive homes to be in places like California and New York, but not really in Iowa. We got to daydreaming and decided to take a look on the real estate website Zillow to find out what the most expensive house for sale in Iowa looks like.

That lead us to this monster 24,500 sq. ft. lakeshore mansion in Spirit Lake, Iowa. Hoien Realty has this home listed from the Iowa Great Lakes Board of REALTORS at a cool $9,900,000. This thing is expensive, and impressive! It comes with a movie theater, caterer's kitchen, art studio, gym, separate lofted apartment and did we mention the Irish pub!? It has 8 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms. As you can see from the photos, it did NOT disappoint.

Iowa's Most Expensive Home For Sale Has a Theater AND Pub

Believe it or not, there's still A LOT more to this house that wasn't included in the gallery such as a look at the other bedrooms, outside the home, and even blueprints of the layout. To find more photos to daydream over, or get more information if you're seriously interested in checking it out for purchase, go to the listing on Zillow HERE.

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