What's all the fuss about this new app? I'm about to learn. Have you heard about Sarahah? It's an anonymous app, where people can post compliments--or criticisms--without telling you who they are.

On the flipside, some say it could increase the growing cyberbullying problem, as again, it is anonymous.

I just used my smartphone to sign up for it. It's something I would probably have never done before, but since I got a fancy phone and am trying new things (and because I am turning into some weird, alien monster this summer and I also enjoy mentally torturing myself), why not?

Are you on Sarahah? Give your thoughts about it in the comments. I'm not quite sure how it works as to how folks can find me yet, but feel free to leave me a message by clicking HERE, and we'll see how it works.

[Via Sarahah]

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