A guilty pleasure is something you love, but tend to feel embarrassed to admit. It applies to music, movies, TV shows, food...and internet searches? I've said I hate the term, but I wasn't really thinking of it in this context. A website called HSI (highspeedinternet.com) compiled the list of internet search "guilty pleasures" for each state.

According to the list, I should probably be in Mississippi, not only because one of my sisters is there, but also because they seem to be as far behind on trends as I am. Their most searched internet guilty pleasure? The Whip Nae-Nae, a dance craze from two years ago.

If you enjoy gorging on cat videos, then Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota and Montana are the places for you, where they are the biggest online guilty pleasure.

What was the top most "indulgently" searched website in Iowa? You might think it was Netflix, but the actual result is equally unsurprising. Our favorite online guilty pleasure is WebMD. More specifically, that overreaction we all have when a common, minor symptom turns into a life-threatening illness after one quick search on WebMD or another online medical site. Because everything on the internet is true.

See the rest of the list HERE. Yes, there are plenty of states whose results fall into the NSFW category, if you know what I mean. Feel free to share your best examples in the comments of overreacting to a small boo-boo after checking WebMD.

[Via HSI, YouTube, WebMD, HSI]

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