Some of you Rave Runners may be new to this 5k race, so we put together a list of the things you might want to bring. Even if you're an experienced runner, this list includes some recommendations to make your Rave Run race experience the best that it can be, and the most fun 5k that you'll ever run!


Things to bring:

Friends and family. If they didn't listen to you when you told them to register, it's nice to have some familiar faces at the finish line cheering you on.

Small backpack or fanny pack. If you'd rather not leave all your valuables in your car, this is a simple way to keep them safe and out of your way while you run.

Running shoes. We also recommend socks, but to each their own.


Colorful Activewear. You'll get your 5k Rave Run t-shirt when you check in if you've pre-registered, but we recommend bright, fun-colored shorts, tights, and/or socks to run in and match your rave gear. Don't restrict the brightness to your clothing! Wear bright, colorful wigs if you have them.


A Water bottle. Hydration is important for runners, and this is another chance for you to show off your bright colors.


Ponchos / rain coats. It's always fun to run in the rain, if you're dressed accordingly. The forecast right now is calling for a possibility of scattered thunderstorms but we'll keep you up-to-date in the upcoming days.


A running watch or stopwatch. The run itself is not timed so bring your own watch if you want to keep track of your time the most accurately.

Similarly, here's a list of things that are not allowed at the McGrath Ampitheatre:

Outside food

Animals (service animals are welcome)

Audio / video recording devices

Coolers and picnic baskets

Folding Lawn chairs


Firearms of any kind

Fireworks, or any other pyrotechnic devices


Glass bottles

Illegal substances of any kind

In-line or roller skates, skateboards, scooters, bicycles

Laser pointers

Mace/pepper spray or any type of chemical spray

Musical instruments

Weapons of any kind

There is still time to pre-register before Saturday so make sure you get an exclusive 5k Rave Run shirt and neon swag.

Contributed to by Libby Collins