Dry January has been around for a while now, it is not the "new thing" that some people claim. Nevertheless, its intentions are good: following another boozy end-of-year holiday season it's probably good to take a break from all the partying.

But 2021 finds us in a different situation; the pandemic continues, we're in an economic recession, and once again the Green Bay Packers won't be going to the Super Bowl.

So much for a Happy New Year.

With only a few days left until Dry January is over, we've done a bit of research to determine how residents of Linn County's top five cities will celebrate the start of the new month on February 1.

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Robbins is the 5th largest city in Linn County, a small quiet bedroom community of just over 3,000 people. It's kind of boring to live in Robbins. There is really not much going on there, which is just how the residents like it - quiet and boring. For their first drink, we'll serve up White Claw to residents in Robbins. Like their town, it is a safe, boring little drink. You can enjoy two or three and still make it to bed by 9:00 p.m.

Mt. Vernon is the 4th largest city in Linn County, it is known for its academic vibe, home of the private liberal arts Cornell College. A glass of wine is perfect for the residents of Mt. Vernon. A fine Chardonnay or an elegant Cabernet Sauvignon goes perfectly with a good book in front of a roaring fireplace. Sophisticated, yes. Snobby? Perhaps, but not too snobby. It ain't Iowa City.

Hiawatha is the 3rd largest city in Linn County with over 7,000 residents. This town is a mix of blue and white collar workers, so a blended approach is a perfect fit. Blended, as in Margarita. You get your sweet, your sour and your salty all in one drink. All it takes is a couple are you're feeling no pain. It makes up for having to live in Hiawatha.

Marion is the 2nd largest city in Linn County with over 34,000 residents. It's well known that Marion residents feel pretty damn superior over other nearby cities. Perhaps with good reason - it's has old town charm with lots of new developments. For that reason their drink of choice is Vodka and Red Bull. It has tradition, and adds something new with a real kick.

Cedar Rapids is the largest city in Linn County with over 125,000 residents. CR thinks it's the bad ass of the county because it's also the second largest city in the entire state of Iowa. You can be a big shot here, but then again so can everyone else. Therefore the beverage choice of Cedar Rapids is everyone's favorite: Busch Natural Light. Add a shot of bourbon or whiskey for a traditional boiler maker.

Whatever your first alcoholic beverage choice may be on February 1, enjoy! You've earned it, and there's only 11 more months to go.

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