You might remember the hubbub weeks back about how "Sweethearts", the candies with little messages of love on them, wouldn't be available to purchase this year. It quickly turned into a whole lot of much ado about nothing but semantics and #FakeNews, because it turned out it was limited to one company, Necco, going through an ownership transition and temporarily discontinuing their version of the product. We later learned Brach's and other companies who make variations of these "conversation hearts" were still making and selling them. What a relief, because they're awesome.

Anyway, we wanted to know what YOUR signature "conversation heart" might say as we approach Valentine's Day later this week, and we got a lot of great responses on Facebook:

These might take more than one conversation heart to fit, but who takes just one at a time anyway?:

Finally, my personal favorite:

As for what mine would probably say? Something to the effect of "loveable loser", "awesomely awkward" or "friendly foil".

Share what yours would say in the comments and have a Happy Valentine's Day!

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