You know, whenever we read about new world records being broken there is never any significance or good change made because of the world records. I mean, half the time the records broken are something stupid like breaking wooden toilet seats over your head (yes, this is real). However, when people challenge each other to actually break a record that does some good for the environment, then they deserve to be recognized.

On Saturday in Boca Raton, Florida, scuba divers helped to clean the ocean. Scuba divers all gathered attempting to break the world record for "largest underwater cleanup." In 2015, in Egypt, the record was set with 614 divers cleaning up the ocean floor... and Florida just beat that!

According to the official count from a Guinness official, 633 scuba divers showed up to help clean the ocean floor which was 19 more than the previous record set! They cleared trash from the ocean floor and they all had to be in the water doing it at the same time to qualify.  There is no official total yet for how much trash they cleaned up.  But they were right next to a pier, and pulled out about 1,600 pounds of lead fishing weights alone.

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