Believe me. We hear it the SECOND we flip the switch to Christmas music. "It's too early!" "It's about time!" "At least wait until after Thanksgiving!" "December 1st is more than early enough!"

That wide range of opinions seems to apply as to when the actual "Christmas season" itself starts according to most Americans too. According to a new survey: whenever you want it to!

However, the majority of people surveyed did have a definitive answer: December 1st. That's the perfect time to put up decorations, the tree, the lights, and yes...start hearing and playing Christmas songs.

  • 23 percent say the "Christmas season" starts December 1
  • 22 percent love it so much, they start in November
  • 14 percent wait until mid-December (!)
  • 4 percent said "a few days before" Christmas
  • 2 percent were grinches and said the Christmas "season" should not exist!

So there you have it, most folks already have or will soon start celebrating the festive season. What are your thoughts? Share them in a comment below.

[Via YouGov]


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