If the roads aren't slick from the ice and snow, they probably have an annoying pothole or two to contend with, am I right? We asked you to weigh in by telling us where the worst ones are in Cedar Rapids, and your answers proved there's no shortage of them around.

CR: City of 5mil potholes
CR Memes

And, of course you have to be able to SEE these potholes, which recent weather conditions have made difficult:

Finally, this listener, reader and driver offered up a solution:

It's hard to believe, but we might just be looking forward to construction season for the improved weather and the possibility of fixing all these potholes!!

You can still share yours. In fact, if you have the free KDAT mobile app you can send up-close and personal pictures of local potholes. But please do so safely. Stream us live and enter our contests as well, while getting updates on news and weather.

Safe travels, Cedar Rapids!

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