The 9/11 attacks occurred 16 years ago today, and we will never forget. Where were you when it happened and what do you remember about that day?

I was about a year into my job at the radio station at the time, and not working that day. I was in about the safest place you could be, the comfort of my own four walls at home. That being the case, I also felt quite helpless, as I recall watching and listening to news coverage, as I did often in general at the time. Then the plane hit the tower, and it took a minute to process before the second one hit. It no longer took long to process.

I remember watching people jumping out of their windows to escape the wreckage, which unfortunately only led to even worse wreckage. I knew this also certainly meant my sister's National Guard unit was about to be deployed. I was devastated for the lives lost and the damage done. Between the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and a plane hijacked by terrorists in Pennsylvania, almost 3,000 innocent Americans died that day.

Do you remember where you and what you were doing that day? Please leave a note in the comments, and please, take care of yourselves and your loved ones as you move through your day.

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