Well, well, well! Somewhat unexpected icy conditions developed overnight, leading to delayed starts in some school districts on Wednesday. It wasn't really noted in most forecasts, so it came out of nowhere to a lot of people. Proving once again we can't catch a break this Iowa winter. Some light snow is possible this weekend and March will come in like a (bitterly cold) lion.

Where would you go if you had a chance to hop on a plane right now and escape Mother Nature's wrath? I am a California guy all the way! We got a variety of answers, all of which imply anywhere is better than here at the moment:

It all sounds so sunny, relaxing and inviting, doesn't it? On the other hand, some don't even need a tropical getaway, just the thought of getting out of dodge in general is enough:

Yes, Montana! More power to you! Here's an even better idea, no matter the weather, frankly:

Whatever the destination of choice, it's clear: we've had it with you, Mother Nature! I'll wrap it up so you can call your travel agent and make plans. If you didn't get your answer in, feel free to share below! Download our free mobile app today, which can't take you to any of these destinations (yet) but will let you listen live from wherever you do go.

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