Today is a huge occasion.

It's the day songs like "Mambo # 5 and the "Macarena" are honored and celebrated.

With so much real news going on, I found myself unprepared for "National One-Hit Wonder Day"! The artists that couldn't seem to strike lightning twice.

I could go on for days about the greatest one-hit wonders. I could also carry on about artists who were labeled one-hit wonders but weren't. It depends on your view of what constitutes that second hit. Top 20? Top 40? Hot 100?

I think as long they had multiple Top 40 hits, they are NOT a one-hit-wonder.

Commonly mislabeled one-hit wonders include folks like Corey Hart (whose second hit was Never Surrender), A Flock of Seagulls (Space-Aged Love Song) and Fine Young Cannibals (Good Thing).

Albeit a remake, this was hit #2 for Vanilla Ice:

In the rock world, Donnie Iris' "Ah Leah" stands out as one, as does Autograph.

Sometimes, you only NEED one hit to have a lasting impact. Instantly coming to mind is A-ha's "Take on Me", which ranks on VH1's list.

Country isn't exempt from One-Hit Wonders:

Or One-Hit Wonders that weren't:

Let nostalgia ring and let us know below who your favorite one-hit wonders are!

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