Evidently, there's some rule against wearing white after Labor Day. I've never understood this rule, so I set out to do some research on the topic. Full disclosure, I also wore white today, exactly one day after Labor Day. A white shirt with a plaid/checkerboard pattern on it, but still technically white.

A few of the things I learned don't really specify why white isn't allowed after Labor Day, just why it isn't a good idea in general. It's too "basic". It doesn't show much "personality". You can too easily spill stuff on it and not really be able to hide it. Not that I'm speaking from personal experience on multiple occasions with that one or anything...

It's too cool and lightweight to wear beyond the summer months? I LOVE summer and will do anything to extend it as long as possible, so that's not a convincing argument.

Even after all this research, I still don't get it. I am just as confused as I ever was. Why can't you wear white after Labor Day? What if Bruce Springsteen with his plain white t-shirt and jeans had listened to that "rule"? Do weddings with brides in white gowns cease to exist after Labor Day? Not hardly. I say just be comfortable and wear whatever you like.

[Via People]

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