I like to think of myself as an idea man.  I've got tons of them.  Now, most of them don't actually see the light of day or get implemented in any way possible.  But I've got TONS of ideas.

Many of them worthless but I write them down anyway.  But this one is a doozy!

This weekend was a weekend where comfort food was a necessity. And as I'm writing this...I'm realizing I had way more pizza that I initially thought. Breakfast pizza Saturday, regular pizza for lunch, then more  pizza for supper.  Leftovers for lunch Sunday then more pizza for supper.  Any guesses what I'll be having for lunch today?

Sounds like too much pizza...but I really don't think it was.  You can go mind your own business.

So, obviously our fridge is stacked with pizza boxes...but it also has other things in it too.  Ya know, the other food. Which becomes a problem when you're trying to insert a large pizza box into and over top of the cottage cheese, pepper rings, ketchup and mustard.

So, I thought to myself...why don't fridges have "pizza shelves"?  It would be directly under the top shelf but above the second shelf kind of floating overtop of the cinnamon rolls, mayo, half and half, and PBR Hard Coffee.

Here's a crudely drawn (yet admissible in trademark court) version of what I'm thinking.  The pizza shelf will have two L shaped brackets on either side.  One of the brackets will be on an adjustable track to account for different sized pizza boxes.

And yes, I'll take a smaller cheese drawer to make room for the pizza shelf.

Does anyone have a contact at Maytag or Frigidaire? I'd like to collect my royalty check for licensing.

credit: Bill Stage
credit: Bill Stage

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