A lot of times, when I'm asked to make a decision, I end up almost paralyzed with fear and anxiety. I got to wondering why I do this, based on an article in the Daily Mail that states the average person wastes almost three years of their life making decisions.

After seeing this article, I did some more of my own research and the results pretty much boil down to three things:

  • Never feeling like you've been given a choice, so when asked to do so, we struggle
  • Not wanting to offend anyone by taking sides
  • Not having confidence in ourselves or our decisions. We don't want to fail or be wrong

The Daily Mail article says our hardest decisions are the first world problems like where to go on vacation or what to watch on TV, whereas our easiest ones are the most important--personal finance decisions.

What decisions do you have a hard time with? As we speak, I've spent over an hour deciding whether this was even an adequate blog topic. We spend seven minutes a day deciding whether or not to socialize. For me it's more like seven minutes an hour. There's also a touch of social anxiety attached to that one.

If you have a hard time making decisions, you're not alone. Share your struggles in the comments.

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