Quick answer: Yes --- but not EVERYWHERE in Iowa:

Earlier this summer, Mountain Dew announced that they would be releasing three flavors of a Hard Seltzer – Original, Black Cherry, and Watermelon – but the ‘Hard Mountain Dew’ won’t be available to the public until 2022.

On Wednesday, Mountain Dew revealed another new flavor: Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

This flavor will be available much sooner – in less than a week.

Mountain Dew Flamin’ Hot will be sold exclusively on The Dew Store starting on August 31st. The flavor has been described as a “unique blend of spicy and classic sweet citrus flavor.”


If this combination sounds strange, don’t forget that Mountain Dew AND Cheetos are both owned by PepsiCo. Apparently, they are attempting to cash in TWICE with this new flavor.

The Mountain Dew store already says that their ‘Flamin’ Hot’ variety is already sold out – despite it not going on sale until August 31.

The cost of a six-pack? $12.

The Dew store does need you to input your zip code to see if they can ship the product to you if you are indeed lucky enough to get your hands on a sixer of this hot pop. Shipping is available to the Waterloo area but NOT in Cedar Rapids.

In January of 2021, Mountain Dew released a pink beverage called “Mountain. Dew Major Melon.” In June, Mountain Dew Baja Punch hit the shelves along with a pina colada variety called “Mountain Dew Baja Flash.”

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