This November 8, residents in some parts of Iowa will not just be voting for our next governor, senators, congressional candidates, judges, and more, they will be voting for more funding for their public safety.

"Public Measure A" will be on Jones County ballots this fall. In addition to voting for political candidates, residents will decide whether to officially deem Emergency Medical Services (EMS) as an "essential" service, worthy of receiving public funding.

Sheila Frank, the Anamosa Area Ambulance Service Director, told KCRG the county receives around 2,500 calls annually, and that number increases every year. She says it shows their need is as essential as law enforcement and fire protection and should receive some of the same money.

It would be paid out by taxpayers in the form of an additional $35 for a home valued at $100,000.

If passed, the funding would be disbursed to the nine ambulance regions of Jones County and parts of Linn and Cedar Counties where service is sparse.

It's important to have additional ambulances and EMS services, according to Sheila Frank because it speeds up response time on their increasing number of calls. "If they have to dissolve or go away, and you live in the southeastern part of the county, you’re going to have to wait a lot longer for an ambulance."

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