What I'm about to write and say isn't meant to sway any political minds. It won't change your opinion on any important issues, and probably won't heal the many wounds and divides that our country still faces. But I do want to talk about how our nation should and can move forward from a spite-filled political season that has finally come to an end.

First of all, if you are a supporter of the candidates who won, congratulations. But just remember there are millions of other people who voted for the other side that are hurting and upset. Losing isn't fun, and losing an election like this, with so much uncertainty hurts even more. I've seen so many things on social media poking fun at the 'losing' side. I'd just like to remind all those people, that was you four years ago. Remember how you felt. And yes, I know that you were called names too, but healing doesn't happen unless someone decides to take high road.

Secondly, lets stop questioning the legitimacy of the election. There have been zero cases of fraud reported thus far. Election and poll workers are doing their best to make sure that all legal votes are counted. That said, if the results are in the range of a recount in certain states, then do the recount. We all need to feel that our election process is fair. Spreading misinformation isn't the answer. Let the process play out. If there are issues, investigate them. But our nation has a great history of fair and legal elections, especially at the national level.

Finally, we need to realize that people who might disagree with you politically are not your enemies. They are Americans just like you. The divide in this country is as bad as I've ever seen it in my 46 years of life. We need to stop yelling and start listening. Stop castigating people for the way they voted, and understand why they voted that way. By listening we might just discover we have more in common than you think.

I'm under no grand illusion that this Presidential election will undo any of the partisanship that plagues our country. But I for one, am willing to do my part and try. No celebrations. No cartwheels in the street. Just empathy for my fellow Americans, and a handshake...when the pandemic is over of course.

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