When driving through the Dairy State, there are many reasons I can think of that could cause a car accident.

From a distracted driver on Interstate 43 looking down to watch a Packers highlight on their phone and running you off the road, or someone passing you on double lines while racing to their second home in Lake Geneva for the weekend.

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Not to mention the weather conditions in Wisconsin can be brutal with snow, ice, and fog that can reduce visibility and traction, leading to accidents if not driving cautiously.

Most Fatal Car Crashes in U.S. Caused By a Non-Fixed Object

A new study by a personal injury attorney using data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is looking at fatal crashes caused by a non-fixed object.

In this ranking, data from non-fixed object crashes involving a live animal were used to determine which U.S. states were the most dangerous to drive through.


According to the data published at JohnFoy.com, the tiny states of Vermont and Rhode Island had a zero percent fatal crash rate involving live animals, as did Hawaii.

Wisconsin Ranks #2 in America for Most Fatal Car Crashes Caused By This

With the wide open spaces, 80mph legal highway speed, and the possibility of wild animals like Elk and Bears crossing the road, the state of Wyoming ranked #5 for most fatal crashes caused by an animal.


North Dakota had the 4th highest rate of fatal crashes involving a live animal.

Tied for the 2nd highest fatality rate involving a live animal (14 percent) is South Dakota and Wisconsin, but Wisconsin has a higher total number of fatalities with 57 (10 in South Dakota).

Montana had the highest fatality rate at 23 percent, with 31 total fatalities involving a live animal.

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