Do you ever wonder... how much money does that person make? Turns out you can find the answer pretty quick, especially when we're talking about Supreme Court Justices.

We generally think of elections taking place in November, but that's the Presidential election.

You know, there are plenty of other elections taking place across the country throughout the entire year and right now all eyes are on Wisconsin.

Wisconsin has always been a big state for politics, and according to Yahoo News, the Supreme Court election happening next week is Wisconsin is a really big deal.

Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not the queen of politics in any manner. But I do see the headlines everywhere and that makes me want to know what's happening.

What really peaked my interest was when I saw a list of trending topics related to this election and one of those topics is 'how much does a Wisconsin Supreme Court justice make?'

Oh, I'm totally here to find out how much money someone makes, it's always kind of fun to discover this!

For some reason, I thought it might be a basic salary, something where you can live comfortably but nothing show-boaty.

Boy was I wrong.

How Much Does a Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Make?

According to Google, a Wisconsin Supreme Court justice makes $174,185 each year.


This was reported last year, in the Wisconsin Blue Book. I guess it's not that much if you think about how many thousands of dollars those justices probably have in student loans.

How much did you guess they make?

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