That name means nothing to you if you're not in radio, nor a fan of the television show Mr. Wilson created.

"WKRP in Cincinnati" was a TV show...about a fictitious radio station. And we all loved it. A lot of us got into radio because of it.

Whether it was crazy DJ Johnny Fever, goofy newsman Les Nessman, sleazy sales director Herb Tarlek, bumbling general manager Arthur Carlson, flirtatious receptionist Jennifer Marlowe, shy Bailey Quarters (who never really had an official job title but her part on the show would resemble the "promotions director"), or overwhelmed program director Andy Travis, who had his hands full keeping it all together, everyone had at least one character they could relate to. Me? I'm the Venus Flytrap of the group, with the soft, smooth voice and laid-back personality (most of the time).

The show ran from 1978-1982. I am too young to have seen it in its first run but thanks to cable reruns off and on for decades and now DVD collections, it lives on. It was THE most realistic--and hilarious--depiction of life at a radio station that I believe Hollywood has ever produced.

Whether you've never seen the show, or are an avid fan like me, we salute Hugh Wilson, this creator of a television (and radio) classic and wish his friends, family and loved ones our best.

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