The proper procedure to safely knock down a tree or branch is a skill many discovered they may need after the August 10 derecho. That's the whole idea behind this weekend's Women's Chainsaw Academy in Iowa City.

Bur Oak Land Trust AmeriCorps Crew leader Sarah Lawinger, who will be among those leading the course this weekend, said in a news release and the Cedar Rapids Gazette:

As a young woman first learning how to saw, it was especially intimidating to me to learn in front of men my age who already had some experience in chain saw operation

The important basics include cutting, evaluating environmental hazards, developing a cutting plan, and safely operating a chain saw, according to the Gazette.

When is the class?

On both Saturday and Sunday, May 22, and 23 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. women can learn chainsaw skills and safety for personal use.

Where is the Women's Chainsaw Academy located?

The Gazette gives the address of 2339 Heinz Rd., Unit C, in Iowa City.

What does it cost?

For both days of this important instructional seminar, the cost is $35 per person. Equipment and safety gear are provided, and registration along with more information is available here.

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So, what if you're a guy, like me, who admittedly could stand to get equipped with some of these skills, too?

Another class for both men and women is planned by this group in June, plus an advanced course for others who want to brush up. More details will be available soon.


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