I've heard of having your favorite songs played at your funeral, but this is taking it a step further. Maybe too far.

According to the website Nerdist, a company called Andvinyly (get it..."and finally"?) can press your ashes into a record of your favorite song. You can get custom cover artwork made with an existing photo of yourself or have them set you up with a "pre-death sitting" photo shoot. You can also record a personal message with your voice to go with original music you might have written or use an already existing song.

It may sound creepy but if music is a huge part of your life, it could be a unique tribute to pass on to loved ones.

What song would you choose if you had this done? I'd obviously have to go with a Daryl Hall & John Oates song. "Private Eyes" is my favorite, but being as "they're watching you", it might make the whole concept even weirder. Perhaps "Say It Isn't So" would be appropriate, or "Everytime You Go Away", which they actually wrote and performed before Paul Young made it into a hit the '80s? Share your song and thoughts on the whole idea in the comments.


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