Make your list. Check it more than twice. Please don't find yourself scrambling in a rush on a day you're supposed to be enjoying family.

We will gather together in less than two weeks to enjoy family, friendship, and food. Thanksgiving is almost here, and this year might be especially challenging for the procrastinators among us. Reader's Digest says there is a best and worst day to shop for turkey day stuff and it might surprise you.

For the first time in its history, the "go-to" spot for anything last minute will be closed for Thanksgiving Day, along with several others. No problem, right? I'll just make sure I have everything the day before. Wrong, because stuff happens and everyone has the same thought you do. Wednesday will be a madhouse so they will decide to go the day before, on Tuesday. Reader's Digest says the actual best day to wrap things up is before Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, if not Monday.

Even better, they say, is to just plan well so that you can stay out of the grocery store the whole week of Thanksgiving altogether, but that means to have it all done before NEXT week. Let's be realistic.

They also offer a few other tips in terms of timing. A fresh turkey and fresh vegetables stay "good" in the refrigerator for about four days before you cook them. A good tip for a frozen turkey is to let it thaw one day for every four pounds.

To help you out with your planning, don't forget about two popular grocers doing inflation-busting promotions to help keep your costs down, as Aldi rewinds to the pre-pandemic year cost from 2019 on Thanksgiving essentials, and Wal-Mart keeps it to 2021 prices.

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