Still procrastinating on sending those gifts out at the eleventh hour and hoping they get there by Christmas? I've seen people just now getting their ducks in a row to start packing and shipping their packages, praying against hope they make it. There are options if you're desperate, but in most cases, you're pretty much out of luck.

Call me Captain Obvious, but it's crunch time. 5 days left until the holiday (and only 3 shipping days) means you need to act now. The advent of Amazon Prime means things can now get to their destination quicker, but it's still not wise to take the chance.

Market Watch reminds us that even with Prime delivery, which in most cases takes only two days, you still only have until this Friday, December 22. (They are offering delivery on Christmas Eve, a Sunday, this year).

UPS says you can still ship through the 21st for ground delivery (Thursday) but with the important note that it be marked with a sticker for Saturday delivery, which is not available everywhere. Luckily it does include much of Iowa based on this infographic. But this service will also cost you $16.

If you're relying on FedEx, good luck. Your only option, with no Saturday delivery, is to basically overnight it.

All these shippers, of course, warn customers of almost certain delays if they wait too long, so while it's the thought that counts, maybe just think a bit earlier next year.





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