Millionaire YouTuber Jake Paul was spotted at one of the hundreds of protests in Arizona, according to TMZ,  this weekend. The catch is he wasn't spotted at any organized protests rather he was seen possibly looting. He was then later filmed on his own Instagram story walking through a destroyed mall, while someone handed him some stolen vodka.

His brother Logan Paul was not seen there, but many say this stunt done by Jake Paul is very similar to what his older brother Logan did three years ago, when he filmed a body in a Japanese forest.

Jake Paul filmed and uploaded many of the things they did that night.

Fans and many others were outraged at what seemed to be Jake Paul taking advantage of this situation to steal and try to get views. Even though it should be noted there is no proof that Jake Paul himself stole anything. Rather he just filmed it happening and was given a stolen item which he then kept.

Jake does claim that he was at a peaceful protest which very well could be true, but may people are hesitant to believe what he has to say.

Many other Youtubers went on to make videos covering and looking deeper into Jake Pauls Instagram posts, and share other peoples inputs.

While Jake Paul says these claims aren't true as of now the videos say otherwise rather pointing to a different story. Hopefully other YouTubers don't make these mistakes. It is truly tragic.

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