A lot of things out-of-staters do, we can overlook because we are "Iowa nice". Other things are just unforgivable. I wrote recently a story featuring some of the worst reviews of our beloved tourist attraction the "Field of Dreams". Even the worst reviewers were trying their best to sugar-coat because insulting our treasured landmarks is just mean. Other things are universally and inarguably wrong like Stephen Colbert's recent faux pas in response to his reference of a COVID "super-spreader" event on game day at Kinnick Stadium. He apparently failed to do some research on the connection between the "hospital" and the "wave".

I've compiled a list of more of those below. Please familiarize yourself with it before you visit (or move to) Iowa and if I've forgotten anything, feel free to leave a comment.

12 Things You Should Never do In Iowa

Shopping cart etiquette is huge for me. Just return it. There are several stations for it in the parking lot and as an incentive, one particular grocer in the area charges you a quarter to unlock the cart. You don't get the quarter back until you return it.

On the other hand, maybe don't expect the quarter back at all because you're helping your fellow shopper by passing your cart off to them, no strings attached.

Finally, the only acceptable event to schedule on football game days is a funeral. Weddings or graduation parties, we will still come but it's pretty inconvenient. There's another list to live by, of the things Iowans do that other people think are weird. We're only human just like you so please, be gentle.

11 Things Normal for Iowa, But Weird for Everyone Else


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