Facebook timelines everywhere were filled with photos and posts celebrating the revelry of "National Margarita Day" on Saturday. What made it even better was that it happened to fall on a weekend, but that was just the beginning. Take a look at some other notable occasions and holidays that happen to fall on really convenient days of the week this year:

  • Valentine's Day, if you're into that, just happened on a Friday.
  • National Margarita Day just happened February 22, on a Saturday.
  • St. Patrick's Day is March 17. Tuesday. "Taco Tuesday", if you will. Better put in for the 18th off from work right now.
  • My birthday, March 21 is on a Saturday. You might not care, but I'm just saying. I love having my birthday help usher in Spring. Bonus when it's on a weekend!
  • Cinco De Mayo is also on a Taco Tuesday. See St. Patrick's Day above.
  • July 4 is on a Saturday. There happens to be a Downtown Farmers' Market that morning, too and some people will get that previous Friday off.
  • Christmas Eve and Day are on Thursday and Friday. 4-day weekend?
  • New Year's Eve is a Thursday but hopefully, you get Friday off for New Year's Day (which will lead us into '21).

As you can see, and as the kids say, the year from here on looks like it's going to be "lit" (or "fun" for those not hip with the slang these days).



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