I get it. The point of Twitter is to be brief and concise. But somewhere that became a license to perpetually use poor grammar and spelling in everyday life as well.

140 characters is now officially becoming 280 on Twitter, according to the Cedar Rapids Gazette by way of the Washington Post. Now, you may fear the increase is going to make it feel more like Facebook. And you already have Facebook, or don't, and that's because you prefer the brevity of Twitter.

I'd remind you that you don't have to use all 280, as I've had to remind a ton of people while this has been in the works--they've been testing it out with random users for about a month, and rumblings have been going around for something like a year. I have no idea why I wasn't one of those randomly chosen test subjects because if anyone needs the extra characters, it's me.

But it looks like it's happening, I'm all for it, and what I hope it does is, again, bring us back to the days of complete sentences, proper punctuation and grammar and coherent, finished thoughts. Maybe that's what those anti-character-limit-increase people fear?

Happy Tweeting!

[Via Gazette, Washington Post]

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