The series of Iowa tornadoes that devasted areas near Des Moines over the weekend now has a Missouri connection. 3 of the 7 who lost their life in those storms were from one Missouri family.

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As we reported Saturday, one of the tornadoes that went through central Iowa over the weekend was a huge wedge that left a wide trail of destruction. Today, the Kansas City Star is reporting that 3 of those fatalities were from one Missouri family who were visiting family in Iowa. The 3 killed were Michael Bolger, 37; Kinlee Bolger, 5; and Owen Bolger, 2 of Blue Spring, Missouri. Michael's wife and another child were also injured, but are expected to recover. The children's grandmother was also one who lost her life in that twister. Such a terrible price for one family.

As drone video from WHO 13 shows, the path of devastation was massive.

By the way, it is now believed that this killer tornado was an EF-4 and not EF-3 as initially believed according to this National Weather Service post on Facebook.

Midwest tornadoes in the spring are something we sadly are accustomed to. This killer twister happening a couple weeks before Spring has even begun makes me wonder what our storm season will be like when these storm systems moving through become the norm.

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