Just because there isn't much of a summer in 2020 doesn't mean that has stopped Rockford residents from traveling.

A national survey by Cooper Tires of 2,000 people shows 41% of us are going on road trips now more than ever before.

The study also revealed that nearly 75% of people prefer a road trip to flying.

More interesting, 2 out of 3 people say they would rather spend 10 hours in a car driving to a destination than two hours flying in order to avoid coronavirus risks.

As a kid, I was "lucky" to have gone on a few road trips, with my rather large family. There were 7 of us (5 kids, 2 parents) and it was always a nightmare. Whether flat tires, cramped cars, crying kids, or car troubles, those road trips scarred me for life. To this day, I'd rather fly over drive any day of the week.


It's interesting how in 2020, things that worked for us 50-60 years ago, are becoming more prevalent now, like drive-ins and road trips.

Who knows? Maybe we'll bring back sock hops and poodle skirts too? After all, it is 2020.

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