I'm not exactly sure of what I just witnessed. If I didn't know better, it's a pilot who allegedly had a delicious taco dinner while flying 15,000 feet over Waterloo recently.

Iowa Chill shared this short but sweet video on TikTok. By the way, they are a must-follow if you appreciate all swell things about Iowa. The explanation for this moment is simply that tacos taste better at 15,000 feet or more.

So many questions. First of all, isn't it kind of important to keep your hands on the wheel (or whatever that flying control is called)? Second, that looks like a pretty hefty taco feast. One comment asked if he got them at Los Reyes which is probably one of the most Waterloo questions ever.

One fellow critic and/or keen-eyed pilot commented that the plane appeared to be at 3,500 feet and not 15,000 feet.

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Several others jumped into the conversation and mentioned they could see their home below. Their eyesight must be better than mine. I can confirm that's definitely Waterloo passing by below his plane, but that's about it.

I'm impressed with this pilot's ability to multitask. I've messed around with Microsoft Flight Simulator on PC before and it was all I could do to not spiral into the Cedar River while devoting my full attention to the game. Consuming a huge taco meal is definitely next level.

Well played, taco pilot. You are now a must-follow for me on TikTok.

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