Summertime means fun road trips across your home state or to other places in the U.S. If you plan on taking a road trip in what's left of the summer, we found the roads that apparently terrify people and other drivers the most in each state.

In Iowa, the most feared surprisingly isn't Snake Alley in Burlington. The most feared road in the Hawkeye State is a popular highway that stretched across the state.


As a person who used to live on this road (literally), it's surprising that this road is feared the most in Iowa. What scares me about this road is how boring it is.

Iowa's Most Feared Road

I got sent an email about Gunther Mitsubishi commissioning QuestionPro to run a survey of 3,000 regular road-trippers. The survey asked them to rank which routes (in each state) across America they fear breaking down on the most. This in their mind translated to the road people fear the most.

When looking at the state of Iowa, they found that U.S. Route 20, or Highway 20, was the most feared road.

Sign for Iowa Highway 20
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Highway 20 is a road that runs both east and west in Iowa from Dubuque to Sioux City. Along Highway 20 you'll find towns and cities like Dyersville, Waterloo, Cedar Falls, Fort Dodge, and countless other charming towns.

It's a very straight, very flat, and very boring road. It's the major highway that separates the top third of Iowa from the rest of the state. Dang near perfect too.


Why is it the most feared road in Iowa? Probably because if you did break down in between one of these towns, it would be quite a walk to the nearest Casey's.

On this list, Highway 20 in Iowa ranked as the 26th most feared road in Iowa. See which roads are the most and least feared throughout the rest of the country below.

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Have a safe road trip this summer.

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