I always dreaded going back to school.

I'd have full on panic attacks until I actually made it to the classroom. Once I was there, I was fine. It was great seeing all my friends again and for the most part, I had great teachers. I think maybe it was the perceived chaos of going back and the change in my routine that set me on edge. Here are some back-to-school hacks to use that should make everyone's life a bit easier.

Start the school year by setting up a new routine and dare I say, 'a schedule.'

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September is a great time to help kids start new routines! My son helped me design this cute monster routine chart and he’s now using it. No screen time until all the boxes are checked! I’m always adding fun new styles to the shop. Check them out! --> https://etsy.me/2wKWFMz . . . . #chorechart #craftymom #homeblogger #chorecharts #parentinghacks #organizedkids #organizedmom #backtoschoolhacks #organizedhome #organizedlife #momhacks #chores #printable #printables #etsy #etsylove #craftsposure #etsyusa #creativelifehappylife #creativeentrepeneur #makersvillage #abmcrafty #mompreneur #shopetsy #organize #organization #getorganized #organizingideas #organizingtips #organizinghacks

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Make it easier on kids (and adults!) and spell out exactly what needs to happen tin the morning and once kids come home or if your student is learning at home, what's expected at the end of the online learning day. Lay out the upcoming week. Include events, sports, music and family events. Color code with index cards and colorful clothespins. (Goodhousekeeping.com helped me with these.)




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Even if all the learning is happening at home this year, keep a place marked "Important Papers" within reach so you can put your hands on homework assignments, permission slips, and other important papers.




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Designate a 'command center' in an obvious place at home. This organizes the school day, homework, chores, events and even meals.


For older kids, put a screenshot of the schedule on your student's lock screen.

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We hope these hacks help with your return to a successful and healthy school year. Here's where you can find even more resources. 

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