It's like Redbox...but with bikes.

A bike share program is an option where you can stop at any of the designated available stations to pick up a bicycle to ride to your destination, or the closest bike share stop to it. The hope is this will contribute to healthy living and a more active lifestyle in Cedar Rapids--and decrease transportation costs for residents.

The city council took the next step in approving the program this week in Cedar Rapids, as they signed off on $570,000 in equipment costs. So far they've planned a route of 20 stations and 200 bikes from MedQuarter to NewBo/Czech Village, Kingston neighborhood and downtown.

Bikes will be picked up at "docks", or special bike racks that lock the bike until someone pays to unlock and use it. According to a spokesperson, the bikes will be equipped with special locking technology, so you can stop between docking stations as well.

Further costs are unknown at this time, but the bike exchange stations will allow you to pay at a kiosk using your smartphone.

Would you use a service like the bike share program that is being set up to launch in 2019? You can learn more about it from CBS2 at their website.

[Via CBS2]

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