So many subplots to this latest Powerball drawing, and here's yet another one.

A record-high jackpot of $1.6 billion (as of this writing) doesn't just randomly happen. There has to be a reason why we've gone 39 consecutive drawings without a winner. People aren't getting their numbers right, obviously, but it's not really "rigged"...per se'.

I'm sure the eventual winner isn't going to care too much about this answer, but the answer is simple. It's because fewer people are buying tickets in the first place. According to CBS2, the Iowa Lottery says:

When fewer people buy tickets, a smaller percentage of the millions of possible number combinations are covered and the likelihood of a winner drops. The next drawing will be held Saturday night.\


Naturally, the same concept applies to Mega Millions or any other lottery game. An additional factor has to do with an extra drawing being added. If we see another drawing without a Powerball winner this Saturday, that will mark the 40th consecutive drawing without someone winning, dating back to August 6 of this year, and the record for the most consecutive winner-less Powerball drawings is 41, which ended on October 4, 2021, with a $699.8 million winner in California.

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Before a ticket winner grabbed the Mega Millions prize of 1.337 billion dollars back in July, CNN says there hadn't been one in that game since April 15.

Long story short, nobody seems to bother buying tickets until the jackpot gets this high. So do you want to take the chance of no one winning again and keep letting the jackpot grow, or do you want to test the 1 in 292 million odds of winning and fulfilling your dreams by playing Powerball this weekend? It's up to you, but here's an article explaining how you should opt for your payout if you win. Good luck!

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