In a normal world summer time equals pool time. We all dream of those hot summer days spent next to the pool while we tan and then cool off when we dip our feet. As we lay out at a public pool, we can hear the kids running around splashing water on unknowing adults and you hear teenagers discussing the latest drama and parents yelling at kids and while you may still hear some of these things this summer things will look different.

Public pools may slowly be re-opening this summer amid the COVID-19 pandemic but they may look a little differently. The CDC has released guidelines on how to protect yourselves and others at public pools if they re-open this summer and you plan to go. Here are six rules to follow at public pools during COVID-19 according to the CDC via ABCNews:

1. Pool attendants are encouraged to wear face masks around the pool but informed to take them off when in the water. Same rules apply to patrons at pools.

2. Pools are encouraged to make staggered drop off and pick up times and avoid group gatherings.

3. Must enforce social distancing of 6 feet between lawn chairs and lines for bathrooms or food stands.

4. Lifeguards duties do not include maintaining social distancing. They must focus on water rules.

5. Must maintain a rigid cleaning schedule of pool, chairs and outside area.

6. Swimmers must stay 6ft apart from strangers in pool.


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