On the day it was announced that schools in the Cedar Rapids Community School District would once again resume requiring masks for all staff, students, and visitors in their buildings as well as "activities outside the school day", one such activity has actually been called off due to COVID-19.

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Cedar Rapids Jefferson announced it will not be able to field a football team this Friday against Cedar Rapids Kennedy due to COVID-19 issues. KCRG posted a Tweet from Jefferson, blaming the cancelation of Friday's game on "mounting injuries and cases of COVID-19".

According to KCRG, Jefferson athletic department officials stated that the team started the season with low roster numbers and would not be able to field a full team in time for Friday’s game. Kennedy was coming into this game 3-0 while Jefferson was 0-3, according to KWWL, who also reported via the CRCSD COVID-19 dashboard that 9 cases were confirmed at Jefferson. The Jefferson sophomore game will still be played.

The game takes an unprecedented level of discipline and the players would likely give anything to be on the field this week. Calling off this game is a tough break for the young men who work hard throughout the season, but to preserve that healthy performance in the future, a little time off this week is necessary.

As a proud alum of the green and gold of Cedar Rapids Kennedy who never had a lick of talent to play any sports, let alone football, my thoughts are with the Jefferson community as their team takes a break to heal up.

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