Ahhh, Finals Week. The period at the end of the semester when students take their final tests for their courses. Some may pass and some may fail. The students who pass are the ones who study for several hours a day... Or do they?

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How does one describe finals week? Andrew Sarantos from the University of California, Santa Barbara, couldn't have described it any better.

"Imagine you're looking for the remote in the couch cushions of your couch. Your favorite show is on right now and it's the series finale. You begin to panic as the clock strikes 6:03 pm as your show started at 6. You begin to feel a knot in your stomach as you slowly give up on finding the remote and see no future insight. Your throat gets groggy and you begin to tear up. You stand up and walk back to your room with your head down. You notice the remote on the counter, you are startled and grab it and run back to the TV only to realize the button does not work… you have no batteries left."

The struggle is real, especially for all the students attending the local Quad City colleges. St. Ambrose, Augustana, Scott Community, and Black Hawk College will all be starting their final exams between the dates of December 6th and 17th.

When it comes to test-taking, there is a lot of studying involved and perhaps, a small amount of cheating. Is cheating wrong? ABSOLUTELY! Should you do it? NO! Do people still do it anyway? All the time. Now, we don't suggest you cheat on your test, BUT, we defiantly have to give credit for these creative ways that people have cheated on their exam, and may or may not have gotten away with it.

Clever Ways To Cheat On Final Exams

Finals week is approaching fast. Instead of working on your study guide, how about writing up a cheat sheet? Here are six clever ways people have cheated on an exam. 

Once again I must clarify, DO NOT CHEAT ON YOUR EXAM! Good luck with Finals!

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