A longtime eastern Iowa newsman is leaving the anchor desk at our news partner, KCRG TV 9.

Chris Earl first arrived at KCRG in Cedar Rapids in April of 2008. He was part of the morning news team in recent years before being named the replacement for Bruce Aune in February of 2020. Aune, who was with KCRG for 34 years, did his last newscast for the station on Friday, March 6, 2020.

In naming Earl as Aune's replacement, KCRG Vice President and General Manager Thom Pritz said,

Bruce Aune and Beth Malicki have earned our viewers’ trust as they have worked side-by-side for 15 years to deliver the news. It was important for us to not only have the continuity provided by a familiar face but to be assured that we are putting someone in that chair who has already demonstrated a commitment to the values and professionalism that are the non-negotiable standards at KCRG-TV9. Not only does Chris meet the criteria for this new role, but I’m pleased that we can offer the opportunity for him to take his career to the next level.

KCRG announced Friday morning:

We don't usually report on ourselves, but we have some news to share. After 14 years at KCRG, Chris Earl has decided to leave Eastern Iowa for the warm weather of Florida for a new career opportunity. We're sad to see him go but wish him luck!

A Wednesday night tweet from Earl seemed to foreshadow the news:

TV 9 viewers like myself will definitely miss Chris' quirky sense of humor. We wish him well in Florida and will let you know as soon as KCRG announces who will replace him in the anchor chair alongside Beth Malicki.

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