As the Christmas creep starts earlier and earlier every year, doesn't it also seem to end more abruptly? Christmas shows and movies on television--and Christmas music on the radio used to scale back slightly the week after Christmas but would remain in tact through New Year's Day. Now, as of midnight on Christmas night/the morning of December 26, or even earlier, on Christmas Day, everything comes to a halt and it is as though Christmas never happened.

That's why I am such a fan of a channel I found called Antenna TV. I found this channel when I switched cable providers, back to Imon out of Cedar Rapids. It is also available through Mediacom and you can locate its channel number in your area here. Antenna is not only filling the void of real, classic TV in general that TVLand has left behind over the years (and which ImOn no longer carries, regardless), but they are picking up the slack on Christmas Day this year, with a full day of Christmas-themed programming. I can't wait.

While some channels may simply return to their regular programming on Christmas Day, show marathons of non-Christmas shows or a slate of recent movies after weeks of holiday fare, Antenna TV is letting us stay in the festive spirit as we gather around the fireplace to watch holiday episodes of the old greats like Father Knows Best, Bewitched, Family Ties and more, all day on Christmas itself.

As for Christmas music, it will continue here on KDAT through Christmas night. We hope you're tuning in for the sounds of the season and will stick with us after the holidays as well.

What are your favorite shows and movies to watch on Christmas? Share them in the comment section below. Merry Christmas!