Yeah, it's the time of year when things start to get really polarizing surrounding Christmas music. We're either already too late and need to start immediately if not sooner or wait until as late as possible if ever.

One thing is for sure, two different classic Christmas songs with the same title will indeed live on and continue to co-exist during the holiday season this year and beyond. Earlier this year, musician Andy Stone, also known as the leader of Vince Vance & The Valiants filed a $20 million lawsuit against the "queen of Christmas" Mariah Carey.

It stemmed from their songs, both titled "All I Want for Christmas is You". The Valiants' version came out first, in 1989, with Mariah's arguably more commercially successful version hitting the airwaves (and never leaving come the last two months of every year) about four years later.

According to Billboard, the suit had undergone very little litigation to begin with since it was filed last June, and, as of November 1, Stone has dropped the copyright claim against Carey, her co-writer Walter Afanasieff and Sony Music, under the condition that he can eventually refile again if he chooses. Oh, dear.

Stone claimed that after Carey's release Valiants' version lost a significant amount of the "extensive airplay" it had received in the years prior. The defense from Carey's side was clear-cut. The only thing in common they had was the title, despite Stone calling hers "derivative" of his.

This battle is over for now, and the world can rest easy in knowing two seasonal favorites will live on in the same festive world, the "Christmas-verse" if you will.

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