Happy Valentine's Day! I have an unpopular opinion on the subject--imagine that. Sour grapes as a single guy? Possibly. But I just don't see the value in setting aside an individual day to materialistically show your special someone you care.

This isn't even about the whole "Hallmark holiday" moniker it's developed, in reference to it being a made-up holiday designed to persuade you to part with your money, although I've tracked down some stats on that.

The Hermann Advertiser-Courier estimates that overall, Valentine's Day is a $17.4 BILLION dollar endeavor in this country every year. Billion with a B.

More than 1 billion cards are given for Valentine's Day each year. I am glad the physical greeting card is a tradition that hasn't died, but I would just prefer seeing more people browse the "Just Because" section on any normal, random day of the year than rush to the drug store to buy a card on the "designated" day for it. It just seems it would be more thoughtful--and not as lazy.

Roses die and candy goes to the waistline, but cleaning the messy bathroom, without being prompted, so she doesn't have to? Since you most likely created that disaster in the first place, that sounds like a much more practical, and thoughtful, idea. It's probably no surprise I'm single.

Am I wrong on this? Let me have it in the comment section.

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