Prom is just around the corner for high school students and for parents, it can be a very costly venture. However, there's definitely ways to save.

In 2015, according to VISA, the price to attend the prom and all the activities that go along with it cost just over $900. Before you scream WHAT???, this included creative ways to ask your date to the prom, dress, tux, limo, flowers, dinner, pictures, and the events before and after the dance.

Prom doesn't have to be this expensive. You can find affordable dresses and tuxes at local consignment shops. Go to the prom as a group and choose how you will arrive with your friends. No limo needed.

If your school doesn't provide a meal at prom, chose a sensible restaurant. Parents have even banded together to prepare a meal for a group of students before they head to the prom.

Photographers have different packages for the prom. Chose the most sensible one and use your cell phone.

Flowers for your date? Call around for the best prices and who's offering specials.


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