We're startled this morning by reports that Smulekoff's, one of downtown Cedar Rapids' legacy businesses, is possibly leaving its downtown location later this year.

As of this time, the official comment from Theresa Blair, the advertising and communications manager for Smulekoff's, is "No comment."  Sources say the company began buyout negotiations with the mayor's office following the flood in 2008.

Rumors have been circulating around town this morning that employees of the furniture giant have been told the business will not be re-opening in a new location. This has neither been confirmed nor denied by Blair. We have been told to expect more details on the business' future in the upcoming days.

It's devastating to hear this speculation, and we certainly hope the rumors aren't true.  We can't even imagine driving downtown and not seeing the legendary business, or walking by the windows to gaze in and dream of what we could add to our own homes. (Admittedly, I've been eyeing that convertible pool table for a while). The possibility of losing this local legend is heart-breaking, to say the least.

We'd also miss hearing the Smulekoffs jingle, too!

Feel free to add your thoughts, memories, and well wishes below.

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