I've had fun taking you behind the scenes at some events and places around Cedar Rapids, and am only just getting started. (Later this week, we'll go backstage at a Titans game).  I'd love to know where else you'd like to get "All Access" to, but for now, I've been beat to explore one building I've been wanting to see.Ever since Smulekoff's closed, I thought it'd be cool to explore the now vacant building and see what it looked like for potential buyers.  Ben Kaplan at We Create Here just did that.  He snapped 29 photos from the inside out, taking you all over the building.  You'll see some very interesting pieces of Smulekoff's history (like the very last picture in the series), some unexpected finds, and of course areas that were never public access.  Thanks to Ben for great pics, and beating me to the punch.

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