The Dubuque Regional Airport JUST got approved for a $37 million terminal remodeling project and now...they've already outgrown it.

A new report says the DBQ airport will likely need more room and bigger facilities to handle more traffic and bigger aircraft.  These are part of expansion plans to be phased in over the next 20 years, according to airport officials.

They have already outgrown their hangar space, and with the FAA projecting growth in business flights in the years to come, more expansion is simply going to be a necessity. The next phase of work, according to incoming airport director Todd Dalsing, involves razing the old airport terminal to make room for new hangars.

In some ways, it's a good problem for Dubuque Regional Airport to have, but there's another catch.

The University of Dubuque is also reportedly looking for the airport to make more room for its aviation program, which is said to be adding a fleet of six new jets by the end of 2020.

[Via CBS2]

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